Chef Bryon Freeze


I am an extremely passionate guy who truly loves food and is willing to work as many hours necessary to ensure an amazing guest experience----whether it be one diner or one thousand.

People will, and do, enjoy my cuisine because it comes from a real and genuine place.

When I am in the kitchen preparing dishes I am completely at home and completely comfortable.  When things get busy-- as they do in all kitchens-- my instincts and adrenaline kick in and I thrive on it, escalating my drive and desire tenfold.  Being able to perfectly sear a fish, or roast a vegetable while under stress is fun for me.  It may not always look like I am having fun but there is a big smile,…one that comes from doing what one loves deeply.

A good chef is made greater by the support (s)he gets.  Support from not only the surrounding staff but from friends and family.  My family has always been exceptionally supportive.  Like many, I’ve not always shined, but my drive and passion and energy coupled with this support structure helps me surpass those one might not expect.

I will always continue to push myself physically and mentally to be the best at what I do.  Exceeding expectations is important to me.  You only have one chance to create experiences with the guest in your restaurant.  Failure is not an option.